Fishing the canal

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Fishing the canal

Post  stebrown on Fri Jan 25, 2008 12:01 pm

When fishing the canal for roach and skimmers, always start off using bread punch with a bit of liquidized bread thrown in. You don't have to fish too far out either cos the fish are used to having bread thrown in the edge when people feed the ducks, I'd normally fish at the bottom of the near shelf of the canal. Just remember to put a few small shot down your line between float and hook so that your bait falls slowly through the water (it looks more natural that way). Try fishing about 2cm off the bottom of your swim at first but be prepared to change depths regularly, so plumbing the depth is really important!! This type of fishing is very delicate so theres no place for big floats and thick line. A 2BB insert waggler with 2lb line and size 18 hook is about right, but sometimes even that is too heavy. If you don't get anything on bread after an hour then maybe its time to try maggots or pinkies etc. but more often than not the fish will be switched on to breadpunch. You can have a really good day catching plenty of fish for less than 50p (depending where you buy the bread Laughing ) Give it might be surprised.

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