MAD 72hr night fishing sweep stake

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MAD 72hr night fishing sweep stake

Post  Jo on Mon May 26, 2008 5:33 pm

Hi All,

I am just doing the sweep stake forms now!! Very Happy for the 72 hour mega night lesson.

Anybody who wants a form will you please tell me, ring me or PM me cyclops cat

let me know what weight you want eg: 2oz, 2& 1/2 oz up to 15 & 1/2 oz

The weights go up by lbs from 1lb to 100lb with only the ounces different. Rolling Eyes Wink
or you can put your own guess eg: 200lb & 4oz

This is a good way to raise money for the club and you could win 20.00!!!! Very Happy cheers flower lol! jocolor
Plus your fundraising points.

The winner is the person who guesses the closest weight!! Smile


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