How about collecting used stamps?

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How about collecting used stamps? Empty How about collecting used stamps?

Post  Jo on Sat Feb 02, 2008 9:18 am

I have been looking on the net and some other charities collect used stamps. I wondered how much money they got for them, not much from the stamp collecting shops it seems.
So I thought I would do a bit of digging around.
It seems that some stamp collectors will buy used stamps by the kilo.
The used stamps are called 'kiloware'.
Now, there are several ways to sell the used stamps.
They can just all be bunged in a bag, all mixed up so there are British, European and World stamps in there and that will raise a fair amount of money.
Or they can be sorted. The British only will get the smallest amount of money, around 2-3 per kilo.
The European only stamps earn a bit more, varies between 8- 10 per kilo.
The World stamps get the most with around 15- 25 per kilo.

Its worth thinking about. If we all save our stamps we should be able get quite a few kilos.
The easiest way would just be to leave them all mixed up or 'unpicked'.

What do you all think? Why not have a look at Ebay and see what others are selling for?

Let me know your thoughts.

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